About me

Me, myself and I

My name is Kai Wieland. I am a Senior Frontend Developer at an Agency in Stuttgart. I am married and a father of 3 Children.

Being a developer

I love being a developer. It’s like playing with Lego and being an architect. You try to find and develop new ways and structures. Make them slick, modular and performant. Get ideas from other programming languages or let them inspire you.
That’s what makes a good developer in my opinion.


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A long way to go

I started 7 years ago with JQuery and wrote spaghetti code. But spaghetti code is hard to read and get unmaintainable very quickly.

JSON was my rescue. The code was then more readable but in a bigger project it still leads to a mess, especially when you are working within a team.

The main problem is that in JavaScript, everybody has his own way of writing code. One uses prototying, another can only work with the JSON nation and another uses the module revealing pattern.

A former co-worker of mine, Erik, introduced me to haXe. He showed me a new view about writing maintainable code.

Thanks Erik!

haXe as the hero

haXe was invented in 2005 so you can call this programming language an adult. So it’s not a fad. Many AS3 developers have been using haXe for nearly 10 years now.
The main benefit of haXe, is that everybody has to use the same structure to write code and the compiler will keep an eye on it.

haXe offers a lot more features out of the box: classes, inheritance, interface classes, packages, getter, setter, strict typing of variables, reflection and much more.
The haXe compiler will translate the haXe code to a single native JavaScript file.

No more problems of keep and arranging the order of the JavaScript files when you concatenate them to one file. No more that stupid scoping problem in a new function (var _this = this;).
You can relax and concentrate on coding, haXe will do the rest.

I started this blog to show how I work with haXe and to share some ideas and solutions with you.